We have a wide specter of experiences and expertise within the construction industry and can provide Consultancy within commercial and residential properties. We can Project Programme and Portfolio Manage your job, having provided consulting for both the private and public sector. We deliver transformation solutions for medium-scale, complex commercial and residential initiatives.

Project Management

The management of construction projects requires knowledge as well as an understanding of the design and construction process. That is why we provide full project management of all Commercial and Residential Construction projects ensuring objectives and constraints such as: time frame for completion, resources needed and budgetary limits are all delivered.

We focus on nine distinct areas when managing any projects and these are:

  • Project integration management to ensure that the various project elements are effectively coordinated.
  • Project scope management to ensure that all the work required (and only the required work) is included.
  • Project time management to provide an effective project schedule.
  • Project cost management to identify needed resources and maintain budget control.
  • Project quality management to ensure functional requirements are met.
  • Project human resource management to development and effectively employ project personnel.
  • Project communications management to ensure effective internal and external communications.
  • Project risk management to analyze and mitigate potential risks.
  • Project procurement management to obtain necessary resources from external sources.